Hard Seltzer Can Candles

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Choose Your Hard Seltzer Can Soy Candle - Free Shipping - Upcycled Soy Candles

- We make these candles by hand, out of repurposed Beverage Cans/Bottles, Soy Wax, and a Eco Cotton Wick.

- Cans/Bottles are Altered Only by cutting the lids off with a seamless cutter. No Track Marks. See Photo.

- Choose your favorite can and scent!

- Made with Real Consumer Waste Cans/Bottles, Re-purposed and Up-cycled into Candles.

- Hand poured in OHIO

- Use 100% Soy Wax

We are not associated with any Beverage Brand.
These are Post Consumer Cans that have been sterilized, altered and poured into a candle for reuse.
These are not official Beverage Brand Merchandise.
They are subject to “first sale” doctrine (17 U.S.C. § 109(a))